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Don't feel like doing much

1107019_rest_and_relaxationLook at that bed. Doesn't it look comfy? That's where I want to go right now.

I don’t have much going on today which is good because I woke up with a rather nasty headache that I still have. It is a little better after taking some Excedrin but I know it is still there. I have been getting a lot of headaches lately thanks to the rapid weather changes. I am glad though that I don’t get migraines like my sister Nichole gets. She gets them a lot and when she has one she is pretty much immobilized. She has to go into a dark room and lay down until it passes.

I will probably just stay home and poke around on the internet all day. There are a couple of things that I could do including looking for the cheapest car insurance that I can find. I got my latest policy from my insurance company and feel like I’m paying way too much. I don’t even drive that much besides going to work and back. I wish I could find a job that I could either walk to or take a bus because I would just get rid of my vehicle altogether.

I also want to check out what credit card offers are out there right now. I have a card that has a 0% annual percentage rate that is going to expire soon. I would like to ‘surf’ to another 0% card if possible but will have to find out first. I try to start looking earlier than this because when I do it I like to find one that has no balance transfer fees and those are hard to come by. My friend Paul is really good at playing the credit card game so I might email her about it.

The last thing I might get around to is looking for a new phone. I don’t really like the one I have now. I bought it online without going to a store to see it in person. That is the last time I do that. It just feels weird when I hold it mainly because it is too big. I don’t need a phone that big as I have pretty small hands. I also miss having a physical keyboard as I can’t get use to the onscreen one. I am not eligible for an upgrade but hopefully I will be able to figure something out. Ok well my head isn’t getting any better so I am going to wrap this up and give my eyes a break from the monitor.


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